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: A place where your stories of adventure become legacies, moments in time that are lived and relived by the Wroxx family. Stories of hunting and fishing, mistakes and misfortunes, danger and victories. . . a place where wilderness wisdom, born of experience, can be shared and the importance of nature can be promoted and secured for generations to come.


This Old House

Author: Wallace Montgomery This old house is one of my favorite landmarks. As I sat in this house with my gun in hand, I began to imagine the family that lived in this old house. Sitting here on this cold and rainy day, I listen to the soft drops of rain hitting the...

Hunting with My Friend

Wroxx is all about being in the outdoors with family and friends and I truly enjoyed hunting with my friend Bob. Though this was our first time out together, it was clear that he was far from a novice and brought a lot of hunting knowledge to the table. We were on a...

Dad’s Old Gun…Who Gets It?

Dad’s Old Gun…Who Gets It?

The passing on of family treasures from parents to children has been going on since the beginning of time. And since the beginning of time, jealousy and misunderstandings have hampered and sometimes destroyed good feelings among family members. Most of the time,...

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