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: A place where your stories of adventure become legacies, moments in time that are lived and relived by the Wroxx family. Stories of hunting and fishing, mistakes and misfortunes, danger and victories. . . a place where wilderness wisdom, born of experience, can be shared and the importance of nature can be promoted and secured for generations to come.


Dad’s Old Gun…Who Gets It?

The passing on of family treasures from parents to children has been going on since the beginning of time. And since the beginning of time, jealousy and misunderstandings have hampered and sometimes destroyed good feelings among family members. Most of the time,...

Fishing Brings Families Together

Fishing never gets old Fishing brings families together...we made sure of it. We entered the Big Bass Tour event in Central Florida with the Wroxx Team consisting of our mother, Iris Larson (age 91), my brother Randy, and me. Iris is a 6th generation Floridian, farm...

Hunting Gloves Needed? Wroxx Is A Great Fit.

When it came time for Wroxx to add hunting gloves to its growing inventory of high quality hunting and fishing gear, the choices were unlimited. Would they be tight fitting or loose fitting? Would they be for cold or cool environments? Which camo pattern would be...

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